Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pie Fest 2013

Thank you to everyone who made Pie Fest 2013 such a huge success!  With over 60 pies entered in the contest and donations from San Francisco StreetBakery, Elyse's Catering, Lattin's Cider Mill and the Bearded Lady Food Company there was plenty of sweetness to go around.  

Pie Fest raised $4,000 
for the 

Thank you to FishTrap for setting the mood 
for emeceeing the event!

Contest Winners: 

Grand Prize Winner - Vanessa S with a Pomegranate Raspberry Pie (the auction for this pie raised over $125!)

1st place adult - Luella P (she is 94 years old!) with a traditional apple
2nd place adult - Anne C with a marionberry
3rd place adult - Janis O with a blueberry

1st place teen - Sage H - fig pie
2nd place teen - Elise B - mango, coconut and kumquat
3rd place teen - Cierra G - strawberry and blueberry

1st place kid - Genevieve K - blueberry and apple
2nd place kid - Anika K - apple
3rd place kid - Autumn P - cranberry, raspberry and rhubarb

Thank you to the event sponsors:
Rosser Chiropractic – Juliet and Andy Rosser
State Farm Insurance Company- Peter Mattich
South Sound Dentistry – Dr Levi G Green
Sherwood Press – Jami Heinricher
Washington State Council of Fire Fighters
Community for Interfaith Celebration
Olympia Power and Light w/ guest judges Matt & Daphne!

Donations from local businesses included:
Alpine Experience
Archibald Sisters
Elyese’s Catering
The Bearded Lady Food Company
GF Joes
Grocery Outlet - Westside
Human Body Works
In Touch Therapy
Olympia Woodturners
Orca Books
Organize Your Worls
Wind Up Here
Traditions Cafe
Old School Pizzeria
Desco Electronics